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Response to First Treatment

Chiropractic is so popular as a conservative care option because it can quickly restore the body's natural ability to heal.  Most patients experience some relief or lessening of symptoms after their first treatment.  However, some conditions take time to respond and some individuals experience so much change with the first treatment that they are sore in a different way.

Hopefully you will be in the majority in feeling relief.  If not, remember that chiropractic heals nothing but rather provides the body with an opportunity to heal itself.  And healing can take time.

Ice & Heat Strategy

Most patients come to the office with pain and inflammation in the spine and/or extremities.  In these situations, there is generally confusion as to whether or not the patient should ice the area, heat the area, do both, in what order, and so on.  To make sense of it all, we start with the following approach which works for the vast majority of patients.

Warm up for the Day

After sleeping for multiple hours and remaining relatively stagnant the body is very tight, brittle, and generally in the greatest amount of pain.  It is important to warm up the body using heat.  Whether a heating pad or a hot shower, heating the area to increase the tissue's ability to stretch and contract works great to relieve discomfort and start the day with the best chance to heal.  

Cool down from the Day

Throughout the day, inflammation builds in our system and pain can follow.  Icing the area with compression(wrap) works to not only decrease pain, but diminish chronic inflammation.  This works especially well with patients who are struggling to sleep.  The icing strategy is every hour, on the hour, for 2-3 hours prior to sleep.

For example:

8:00pm to 8:10pm - Ice with Compression

9:00pm to 9:10pm - Ice with Compression

10:00pm to 10:10pm - Ice with Compression

Sleep - Rise - Heat (see above)

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